Affective and Cognitive Institute (ACI) at Offenburg University

The ACI is a cross-faculty institution of the Offenburg University headed by Prof. Dr. Oliver Korn. We are developing and evaluating context-aware interactive solutions in the fields of health, education and work. Major work areas are:

  • emotion recognition & affective computing
  • playful enrichment of interactions¬† and gamification
  • assistive technologies & augmented reality
  • social robots

Methodologically, the ACI stands for consequent user-centered design and development. In an agile process, with several iterations, solutions are adjusted to the wishes and needs of the users and other stakeholders.

This is especially important in the fields of assistive technologies and social robots as they have a high impact on everyday life and ideally should simplify and augment it. Therefore, we are also aiming to give interaction a playful character (e.g. by gamification).

In each iteration of the agile process we conduct qualitative and quantitative studies. Often, these studies include physiological data, e.g. by measuring skin-conductance or facial expressions to recognize emotions, mood and stress.

The ACI is an application-oriented institution also strong in research. Further, it is partner in several national and international research projects.